Live Life Out Loud
Leap of Faith
April 19, 2017

I started this business to follow my passion and also create financial freedom for my family.  Little did I know, as I was building my business I was also building my self confidence.  When I first created the idea of Sipp I believed in my beverage but I'm not so sure I believed in myself.  There are many times I had to travel to events by myself and I was petrified.  I felt like I was the new kid in school!  I wondered who would talk to me?  What do I have to offer?  Would they like me? 


I remember standing in the middle of the room of a beverage conference and surrounded by hundreds of people and everyone seemed to know everyone.  And there I was in the middle of the room, solo and scared.  I wanted to just run to the restroom and hide. 


It's amazing now how far I've come when I look back.  While I say that, it didn't come easy. It came with baby steps.  Taking that first leap of faith to talk to someone I didn't know and hope they didn't go running in the other direction.  Once I took a chance it became easier and easier.  I was just myself and people actually liked me - the real me!  And because I took a chance, I've met some amazing people who have inspired and supported me on my journey.  Take a's scary to jump but you never know what you might find down below! 

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